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Scientists find new clues to brain’s wiring07-18-2014

Study: Smoking may contribute to suicide risk07-17-2014

Piston named head of cell biology and physiology07-16-2014

Scientists find way to trap, kill malaria parasite07-16-2014

Lung cancer study hints at new treatments07-09-2014

Unanue receives lifetime achievement award07-07-2014

Linehan named Neidorff and Packman Professor​​​​​​​​07-03-2014

Trial asks if probiotics help kids with stomach bugs07-02-2014

Bullock named Wolff Professor in Urology07-01-2014

Nichols elected to Royal Society06-30-2014

Some aggressive cancers may respond to anti-inflammatory drugs06-27-2014

Autistic traits seen in parents of kids with autism06-27-2014

Youth regularly receive pro-marijuana tweets06-27-2014

Fighting parasitic infection unleashes virus06-27-2014

Glaucoma drug helps restore vision loss linked to obesity06-26-2014

Researchers hone in on way to predict aggressiveness of oral cancer06-26-2014

Fatal cell malfunction ID'd in Huntington's disease06-23-2014

New clues to mortality risk for heart attack patients taking Plavix06-17-2014

In military personnel, no difference between blast- and nonblast-related concussions06-16-2014

Severe scoliosis linked to rare mutations06-12-2014

Gordon elected to American Philosophical Society06-12-2014

Dormant viruses re-emerge in patients with lingering sepsis, signaling immune suppression06-11-2014

Fatty liver disease prevented in mice06-05-2014

Earhart to direct Program in Physical Therapy06-04-2014

Lingering problem found in gut microbe communities of malnourished children06-04-2014

Margolis named Wolff Distinguished Professor of Ophthalmology06-02-2014

Raichle awarded Kavli Prize in Neuroscience 05-29-2014

Drug users switch to heroin because it’s cheap, easy to get05-29-2014

Alzheimer’s disease, other conditions linked to prion-like proteins05-22-2014

Soil bacteria may provide clues to curbing antibiotic resistance05-21-2014

MRI for prostate biopsies increases odds of finding aggressive tumors05-20-2014

Optical brain scanner goes where other brain scanners can’t05-20-2014

Painkillers may decrease susceptibility to recurring urinary infections05-19-2014

Study finds limited benefit for vitamin D in asthma treatment05-19-2014

Antidepressant may slow Alzheimer's disease05-14-2014

WUSTL students ‘print’ pink prosthetic arm for teen girl05-12-2014

Study: Can vitamin D slow heart complications from diabetes?05-12-2014

$32 million NIH grant funds study of multipurpose infection fighter05-09-2014

Study helps explain why MS is more common in women05-08-2014

Mouse study offers new clues to cognitive decline05-08-2014

Socioeconomic factors may make Medicare’s hospital readmissions data more useful05-05-2014

People with autistic tendencies vulnerable to alcohol problems05-01-2014

Damiano named chief of cardiothoracic surgery05-01-2014

Gordon wins Passano Foundation Award04-30-2014

Students win Breast Cancer Startup Challenge04-25-2014

Genome regions once mislabeled ‘junk’ linked to heart failure04-24-2014

Gereau named Brown professor of anesthesiology04-22-2014

New center aims to use immune system to fight disease04-21-2014

Study compares long-term effectiveness of diabetes drugs04-17-2014

Some immune cells defend only one organ04-16-2014

Castro named Wolff Professor of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine04-08-2014

Youth group to host HIV awareness event April 1004-07-2014

$8 million to study gene-lifestyle interactions on heart health04-07-2014

Mardis, Wilson named to endowed professorships04-04-2014

Cutting phosphate in diet improves kidney-related heart problems04-04-2014

Smoking may dull obese women’s ability to taste fat and sugar04-03-2014

Likely culprit in spread of colon cancer identified04-02-2014

Internet, social media expose youth to tobacco03-31-2014

Journal honors breast cancer researcher03-27-2014

New clue to autism found inside brain cells03-26-2014

Investigational drug evaluated in newborns to treat rare disorder03-20-2014

Gut bacteria can cause life-threatening infections in preterm babies03-19-2014

Imbalanced hearing is more than a mild disability03-11-2014

Free birth control doesn’t promote risky sexual behavior in women03-06-2014

Biomarkers of cell death in Alzheimer’s reverse course after symptom onset03-05-2014

Some patients may benefit from hip resurfacing over replacement02-28-2014

Cause of heart disease spurred by kidney syndrome found, neutralized02-27-2014

New clues found to preventing lung transplant rejection02-26-2014

Brain cell activity regulates Alzheimer’s protein02-26-2014

Artery-clearing surgery after stroke should be delayed02-26-2014

Stand-alone facility for retrieving donated organs more efficient, less costly than hospital02-25-2014

Panel recommends listing depression as a risk for heart disease02-24-2014

Surprising culprit found in cell recycling defect02-20-2014

Infants with leukemia inherit susceptibility02-18-2014

Smoking cessation may improve mental health02-12-2014

Nanoparticles treat muscular dystrophy in mice02-11-2014

Special glasses help surgeons ‘see’ cancer​​​​​​​02-10-2014

Bierut named Alumni Endowed Professor of Psychiatry02-07-2014

Neurosurgeon writes thriller based on his research02-07-2014

Gender influences symptoms of genetic disorder02-06-2014

Siteman Cancer Center treats first patients using MRI-guided radiation therapy02-06-2014

Sweet named Marriott Professor02-04-2014

Discovery may aid new drugs for osteoporosis01-31-2014

Trick that aids viral infection is identified01-30-2014

New target explored for psychiatric drug development01-29-2014

Study shows 1 in 5 women with ovarian cancer has inherited predisposition01-22-2014

Schlaggar named director of the Division of Pediatric and Developmental Neurology01-21-2014

Decoded: DNA of blood-sucking worm that infects world’s poor01-19-2014

$4.9 million grant to fund AIDS research01-17-2014

Immune cells may heal an injured heart01-16-2014

Washington University celebrates Martin Luther King Jr. Day01-16-2014

Brain regions ‘tune’ activity to enable attention01-15-2014

Exploring health benefits of fasting 2 days a week01-14-2014

Malaria discovery may aid vaccine design01-13-2014

St. Louis region is hot spot of flu activity01-10-2014

Elephant shark genome decoded01-08-2014

Some brain regions retain enhanced ability to make new connections01-07-2014

Smoking affects the heart, lungs … and bones01-02-2014

Alcohol, tobacco, drug use far higher in severely mentally ill01-01-2014

Yoo receives Presidential Early Career Award12-24-2013

Gene therapy method targets tumor blood vessels12-23-2013

Weight loss surgery effective, but risk remains12-19-2013

Mouse study shows potential for gene therapy in Alport syndrome, an inherited kidney disease12-18-2013

‘Chemobrain’ linked to disrupted brain networks12-16-2013

New models of drug-resistant breast cancer point to better treatments12-12-2013

Diabetes drugs affect hearts of men, women differently12-12-2013

Rare gene variants double risk for Alzheimer’s12-11-2013

Synthetic RNAs designed to fight cancer12-05-2013

University’s research key in new international guidelines for treatment of severe malnutrition12-05-2013

Heads or tails? Random fluctuations in brain cell activity may determine toss-up decisions12-04-2013

Holtzman, Bateman win Chancellor’s Innovation Award12-03-2013

Older adults see better in the doctor’s office12-02-2013

NIH to fund ‘omics’ research into lung disease11-27-2013

Better predictor of breast cancer risk developed11-26-2013

Two WUSTL faculty named AAAS fellows11-25-2013

Among prescription painkillers, drug abusers prefer oxycodone11-25-2013

Broken cellular ‘clock’ linked to brain damage11-25-2013

Collaboration launched with hospital in Ghana11-20-2013

Washington People: Tamara Hershey11-19-2013

Gene testing for heart diseases now available11-14-2013

Gut microbes in healthy kids carry antibiotic resistance genes11-13-2013

NIH award funds research into tiny devices that shine light on brain disorders11-13-2013

Study confirms benefit of back braces in treating scoliosis11-12-2013

Investigational cancer drugs unintentionally may result in tumor growth11-12-2013

Uninsured face hurdles choosing health insurance11-11-2013

Ratner named Wolff Professor11-08-2013

Scientists identify clue to regrowing nerve cells11-07-2013

NIH support fosters diversity among PhD trainees11-06-2013

University funds three Scholars of Pediatrics11-05-2013

Study looks at safety, effectiveness of generics for treating depression11-04-2013

Nurturing may protect kids from brain changes linked to poverty10-28-2013

After concussion, kids may need breaks in school10-28-2013

Stroke prevention surgery less effective than meds, lifestyle change10-28-2013

Civitelli named president of bone, mineral research society10-23-2013

Unlikely gene variants work together to raise Alzheimer’s risk10-22-2013

Kharasch, Sadler elected to Institute of Medicine10-21-2013

Study suggests private NICU rooms may influence preemies’ development10-21-2013

New clue to aggressive brain tumors10-18-2013

Gene influences success of nicotine replacement therapy in smokers10-17-2013

Genetic errors identified in 12 major cancer types10-16-2013

Scientists unravel mechanisms in chronic itching10-15-2013

Database of disease genes shows potential drug therapies10-14-2013

Stomach cells naturally revert to stem cells10-10-2013

Margolis named new head of ophthalmology10-09-2013

University receives $26 million for leukemia research10-04-2013

Possible culprits in congenital heart defects identified10-03-2013

Funding aids new test for ‘river blindness’ 10-02-2013

Breast cancer test developed at Washington University gets FDA approval10-01-2013

Procedure to open blocked carotid arteries tested09-26-2013

Girls who eat peanut butter may improve breast health later in life09-25-2013

Alzheimer’s progression tracked prior to dementia09-23-2013

Propofol discovery may aid development of new anesthetics09-23-2013

Wedner named Korenblat Professor09-20-2013

New models of drug-resistant breast cancer hint at better treatments09-19-2013

Trial to test prevention of Alzheimer’s has begun​​09-18-2013

Global health will be showcased in weeklong event​ 09-17-2013

Rare gene variant linked to macular degeneration09-16-2013

Altering mix of gut microbes prevents obesity, but diet remains key factor 09-05-2013

Incisionless surgery corrects swallowing disorder09-04-2013

Aging really is 'in your head'09-03-2013

Orthopedics launches walk-in injury clinic08-30-2013

Intellectual disability linked to nerve cells that lose their ‘antennae’08-29-2013

School-age drinking increases breast cancer risk​​​​​​08-28-2013

Receptor may aid spread of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s in brain08-22-2013

Alcohol abuse, eating disorders share genetic link08-21-2013

Red blood cell transfusions in children focus of $7.8 million grant08-20-2013

Brain network decay detected in early Alzheimer’s08-19-2013

Viral infection and specialized lung cells linked to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease08-15-2013

Three medical faculty named Wolff professors08-13-2013

Freezing sperm taken directly from testicles is effective option for infertile couples08-06-2013

Fuel smoke linked to cardiovascular issues08-05-2013

Career development program in ob/gyn moves to Washington University08-02-2013

Speedier scans reveal new distinctions in resting and active brain08-01-2013

Obesity doesn’t reduce chance of getting pregnant with donor eggs07-30-2013

Urano named Schechter Professor of Medicine07-22-2013

Children with single ear deformity may need intervention to improve school performance07-19-2013

Recycling in the eye promotes good vision07-18-2013

In children with fever, gene profiling distinguishes bacterial from viral infections07-15-2013

Daydreaming simulated by computer model07-11-2013

Study emphasizes birth control education, helps pay for IUDs and implants​07-10-2013

Young physician scientists benefit from Mallinckrodt grant07-08-2013

DNA study reveals clues to human, ape evolution07-05-2013

Colonna named Robert Rock Belliveau Professor07-03-2013

Powderly named director of Institute for Public Health 07-02-2013

Brain differences seen in depressed preschoolers07-01-2013

Ferkol new president-elect of thoracic society06-26-2013

Medication plus talk therapy for anxiety in seniors06-24-2013

Wickline named Hornsby Family Professor06-24-2013

Antibiotics prevent some hospital UTIs06-21-2013

Defects in brain cell migration linked to mental retardation06-21-2013

Wilson named world’s ‘Hottest Researcher’ 06-20-2013

School of Medicine announces plans for new research building06-19-2013

Laughing gas does not increase heart attacks06-19-2013

Tumors disable immune cells by using up sugar06-14-2013

Tobacco laws for youth may reduce adult smoking06-13-2013

Major hurdle cleared to diabetes transplants06-13-2013

Alzheimer’s brain change measured in humans06-12-2013

Splints favored for kids’ forearm buckle fractures06-11-2013

University will anchor new CORTEX building06-05-2013

Pretesting cervical tumors could inform treatment05-31-2013

Artificial sweeteners may do more than sweeten05-30-2013

Deadly infections cut in sickest hospital patients05-29-2013

XPRIZE proposed to inspire Alzheimer's research05-23-2013

New test better detects elephantiasis worm infection05-20-2013

Bear Cub grants foster entrepreneurship05-16-2013

Alzheimer’s markers predict start of mental decline05-13-2013

Moley elected president of gynecologic society05-10-2013

Scientists show how nerve wiring self-destructs05-09-2013

Siteman director appointed vice chair of national cancer network05-08-2013

Nerve stimulation for severe depression changes brain function05-07-2013

New perspective needed for role of major Alzheimer’s gene05-06-2013

Discovery helps show how breast cancer spreads05-06-2013

Elson elected fellow of arts and sciences academy05-03-2013

Unusual comparison nets new sleep loss marker05-02-2013

Scientists assemble genetic playbook for acute leukemia05-01-2013

Genomics to reshape endometrial cancer treatment05-01-2013

Missing link in Parkinson’s disease found04-25-2013

ALS trial shows novel therapy is safe04-23-2013

Bacteria may contribute to premature births, STDs04-22-2013

Awad named associate dean for medical student education04-16-2013

Fish prone to melanoma get DNA decoded04-15-2013

Matt Holliday and mom team with Siteman to promote colon cancer screening 04-12-2013

Tiny wireless device shines light on mouse brain, generating reward04-11-2013

Physical therapy often just as good as surgery for knee problem04-10-2013

Moving cells with light holds medical promise04-08-2013

Brain-building gene plays key role in gut repair04-05-2013

Genetic markers identify new Alzheimer’s pathway04-04-2013

Painted turtle gets DNA decoded04-03-2013

Old drug offers new hope against rare, deadly childhood disease04-02-2013

Cholesterol buildup links atherosclerosis and macular degeneration04-02-2013

Derdeyn appointed chair of AHA Stroke Council03-28-2013

Inaugural infectious disease conference brings global health leaders to St. Louis03-27-2013

Medical Center’s north campus first to see change as part of Campus Renewal Project​ 03-25-2013

Obesity, aging genes may play role in arthritis03-19-2013

Diabetes drug safe for HIV patients, study finds03-18-2013

Depression in kids linked to cardiac risks in teens03-15-2013

Sleep loss precedes Alzheimer's symptoms03-11-2013

Mullins teaches emergency medicine in Bolivia03-11-2013

Nanoparticles loaded with bee venom kill HIV03-07-2013

Some brain cells are better virus fighters03-06-2013

New clues to causes of peripheral nerve damage03-06-2013

Human Connectome Project releases major dataset03-05-2013

Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland honors Dacey​​03-04-2013

Ancient sea lamprey gets DNA decoded03-01-2013

Study may explain why some people get pimples02-28-2013

Majority of Missouri tan salons allow pre-teens02-25-2013

Distinct niches in bone marrow nurture blood stem cells02-25-2013

Baths with antiseptic wipes reduce ICU infections02-22-2013

Mecham named interim head of cell biology and physiology02-21-2013

Cooling may prevent trauma-induced epilepsy02-20-2013

Fragile X makes brain cells talk too much02-20-2013

Doctor wins NIH prize for ideas to restore vision02-15-2013

Some autism behaviors linked to altered gene02-13-2013

Emerging cancer drugs may drive bone tumors02-12-2013

Surgery improves for nerve compression disorder02-07-2013

Lower drinking ages lead to more binge drinking02-06-2013

Antibiotics reduce deaths for malnourished children01-30-2013

Gut microbes at root of severe malnutrition in kids01-30-2013

Altering eye cells may one day restore vision01-24-2013

Lane named patient safety officer01-23-2013

Schlaggar honored for pediatric research01-23-2013

Estrogen fights urinary infection in mouse study01-22-2013

Gene in eye melanomas linked to good prognosis01-16-2013

Apte new Cibis Professor of Ophthalmology01-15-2013

Gordon honored for microbiome research01-15-2013

Silva named Peterson Professor in Orthopaedics01-09-2013

Cornelius named Showman Professor01-08-2013

Siteman opens South County location Jan. 701-03-2013

Ultrasound diagnoses appendicitis without X-rays12-24-2012

Many causes for learning lags in tumor disorder12-21-2012

Radiation Research Society honors two faculty12-19-2012

Into adulthood, sickle cell patients rely on ER12-18-2012

Pediatric program for brain injuries saves lives, reduces disabilities12-12-2012

Siteman Cancer Research Fund grants $2 million12-12-2012

Hanto to oversee continuing medical education12-10-2012

Existing drugs may help more with breast cancer12-07-2012

A new genetic fingerprint lives in your belly12-05-2012

Seven faculty members named AAAS fellows 12-05-2012

Manary’s Gates grant to help kids in Third World12-04-2012

As cigarette taxes go up, heavy smoking goes down11-29-2012

Mackinnon advises TV drama on nerve injuries11-28-2012

Weight loss, not surgery, controls blood sugar11-28-2012

Gene linked to respiratory distress in babies11-27-2012

Drugs limiting excess mucus could save lives11-26-2012

Mentors for Bear Cub Fund program to help WUSTL scientists commercialize discoveries11-20-2012

Study offers clues to cause of kids’ brain tumors11-16-2012

Heuckeroth named Alumni Endowed Professor11-14-2012

Vitamin D prevents clogged arteries in diabetics11-13-2012

$50 million to speed discoveries for patients11-12-2012

$9 million to investigate blood-clotting disorders11-08-2012

Study documents preemies’ development in NICU, suggests early interventions11-07-2012

$4.6 million helps train occupational, physical therapists11-05-2012

Global genome effort seeks genetic roots of disease10-31-2012

$5.3 million boosts research to fight urinary infections10-30-2012

Study to analyze brains of kids with rare disorder10-29-2012

Resveratrol falls short in health benefits10-25-2012

Canter named Tuttle and Hauck Professor10-23-2012

Clue to cause of Alzheimer's found in brain samples10-22-2012

Stroke patients benefit from carmaker’s efficiency10-18-2012

Bloodstream infections in ICUs cut by 44 percent10-17-2012

HIV may leave gut vulnerable to infections10-17-2012

Mice at risk of asthma, allergies resist skin cancer10-16-2012

Two faculty elected to Institute of Medicine10-15-2012

Genetic error linked to rare disease that causes chronic respiratory infections10-15-2012

Three receive NIH awards to pursue innovative ideas10-11-2012

Former medical resident here wins Nobel Prize10-10-2012

Investigational drugs chosen for major Alzheimer’s prevention trial10-10-2012

$20 million gift establishes Taylor Family Institute for Innovative Psychiatric Research10-08-2012

Abortion rates plummet with free birth control10-04-2012

Deadly complication of stem cell transplants reduced in mice09-27-2012

NFL funds study of the brain after concussions09-26-2012

Dacey to be honored at Congress of Neurological Surgeons​09-25-2012

Some deadly breast cancers share genetic features with ovarian tumors09-24-2012

Key immune cell may play role in lung cancer susceptibility09-21-2012

Alzheimer’s breaks brain networks’ coordination​09-18-2012

New egg freezing method expands reproductive options09-17-2012

Researchers identify mechanism that leads to diabetes, blindness09-17-2012

Among lung cancer patients, smokers have 10 times more genetic damage09-13-2012

Large lung cancer study shows potential for more targeted therapies09-10-2012

Protein critical to gut lining repair09-06-2012

Study in mice suggests sleep problems may be early sign of Alzheimer's09-05-2012

Children taking steroids for asthma are slightly shorter than peers09-05-2012

Cohen, Mitra named Goldfarb professors08-31-2012

Human and soil bacteria swap antibiotic-resistance genes08-30-2012

Chapman named to Bricker chair08-28-2012

Fraser named head of Department of Medicine08-27-2012

New imaging test aids Alzheimer’s diagnosis08-21-2012

Key signal prepares immune cells to defend skin, brain08-09-2012

Cell stress culprit in diabetes, Wolfram syndrome08-07-2012

New target for treating diabetes and obesity08-03-2012

Free iPad app offers personalized advice for healthy living08-03-2012

Timing of antibiotics important in reducing infections after C-section08-02-2012

Washington University featured in New York Times cancer series07-25-2012

Computers may help patients restore movement after stroke07-24-2012

Hundreds of random mutations in leukemia related to aging, not cancer07-20-2012

Many men with prostate cancer can avoid early surgery07-18-2012

Noninvasive imaging technique may help kids with heart transplants07-13-2012

$4.7 million study looks at why diabetes makes heart disease worse07-13-2012

Brain abnormalities seen in children with severe form of diabetes07-12-2012

First detailed timeline established for brain’s descent into Alzheimer’s07-12-2012

OxyContin formula change has many abusers switching to heroin07-11-2012

Scientists first to see trafficking of immune cells in beating heart07-11-2012

Pediatric tumors traced to stem cells in developing brain​​07-09-2012

Urinary tract infections steal from hosts' defense arsenals07-09-2012

Blood test predicts death from heart problems after surgery07-03-2012

Surprising culprit behind chemo resistance in rare cancer07-02-2012

Scientists identify protein required to regrow injured nerves in limbs06-20-2012

Bateman named Knight professor of neurology06-19-2012

Discovery helps mice beat urinary tract infections06-18-2012

Graduated driving laws reduce teen drunk driving06-15-2012

Census of microbes in healthy humans reported06-13-2012

Timing, duration of biochemical bugle call critical for fighting viruses06-13-2012

Permutt, renowned diabetes researcher, 72 06-11-2012

Clues found to way embryonic kidney maintains its fleeting stem cells06-11-2012

Decoding DNA finds breast tumor signatures that predict treatment response06-11-2012

Calorie-restricted diet keeps heart young06-05-2012

Families of kids with staph infections have high rate of drug-resistant germ06-04-2012

Investigational diabetes drug may have fewer side effects06-04-2012

Siteman receives $5.4 million for breast cancer research06-01-2012

World’s largest hunk of cancer genome data released05-30-2012

Genes predict if medication can help you quit smoking05-30-2012

Dacey becomes president of neurosurgery society05-29-2012

Tychsen named Hardesty distinguished professor05-24-2012

IUDs, implants are most effective birth control05-23-2012

Washington University receives $3 million to design cancer-killing viruses05-23-2012

Recommendation against PSA test too drastic05-22-2012

Less invasive alternative to colonoscopy reduces colon cancer deaths05-21-2012

Washington University receives $8 million to lead international childhood malnutrition effort05-18-2012

Babies’ susceptibility to colds linked to immune response at birth 05-17-2012

Bonni to lead anatomy and neurobiology department05-17-2012

Early substance use linked to lower educational achievement05-16-2012

Surgeons restore some hand function to quadriplegic patient05-15-2012

Genetic test identifies eye cancer tumors likely to spread05-14-2012

Welch, professor of radiology, 7205-08-2012

Multiple thought channels may help brain avoid traffic jams​05-08-2012

New technique could identify drugs that help fight broad range of viruses05-07-2012

Warfarin no better than aspirin for most heart failure patients05-02-2012

Surveys guide doctors about when to test teens for STIs04-30-2012

Genes that promote cartilage healing protect against arthritis04-26-2012

Washington People: David Warren04-25-2012

Jaffe named president of pediatric association04-24-2012

Unusual protein helps regulate key cell communication pathway04-23-2012

First gene linked to common form of psoriasis identified04-19-2012

Kidney stone mystery solved04-18-2012

Study of half siblings provides genetic clues to autism04-16-2012

Washington People: Lilianna Solnica-Krezel04-11-2012

Ultrasound screening finds more breast cancer, false positives may outweigh that benefit04-10-2012

Early-stage lung cancer treatments evaluated in patients with breathing problems04-09-2012

Ob/gyn’s dream for women’s hospital in Africa comes true04-06-2012

Problems in recycling cellular waste linked to clogged arteries04-05-2012

‘Positive stress’ helps protect eye from glaucoma04-04-2012

New imaging technique could speed cancer detection04-03-2012

DNA sequencing lays foundation for personalized cancer treatment04-02-2012

Washington People: Thy Huskey03-30-2012

More than half of all cancer is preventable03-28-2012

Free screening to help older drivers adjust vehicles for a proper fit03-27-2012

Poor colonoscopy prep hides pre-cancerous polyps03-26-2012

Program inspires young women to become orthopaedic surgeons, engineers 03-23-2012

Mackinnon nationally recognized for clinical excellence03-22-2012

$4.2 million grant to help launch first Alzheimer’s prevention trials03-20-2012

Drug makes leukemia more vulnerable to chemo03-19-2012

Combination treatment in mice shows promise for fatal neurological disorder in kids03-15-2012

Scientists map genetic evolution of leukemia03-14-2012

Researchers identify unexpected player in intestinal immunity03-14-2012

Altered gene linked to fatal neuroblastoma in adolescents, young adults03-13-2012

Lifestyle changes for obese patients linked to modest weight loss03-12-2012

New treatment shows promise for kids with life-threatening bone disorder03-07-2012

New Alzheimer’s marker strongly predicts mental decline 03-06-2012

Patients with rare diseases to get DNA sequenced at no charge02-29-2012

Washington University joins national heart failure network02-28-2012

$3.3 million grant to study viruses in kids02-27-2012

Rib fractures linked to disorder seen in athletes02-23-2012

Lenke named chief of spine surgery 02-23-2012

Washington People: Randall Bateman02-22-2012

Soil bacteria and pathogens share antibiotic resistance genes02-20-2012

Brain differences seen at 6 months in infants who develop autism02-17-2012

Diabetes may start in the intestines02-15-2012

Autism affects motor skills, study indicates02-15-2012

Antibiotics ineffective for most sinus infections02-14-2012

DNA sequencing helps identify cancer cells for immune system attack 02-08-2012

Same genes linked to early- and late-onset Alzheimer’s02-01-2012

Mom’s love good for child’s brain01-30-2012

Well-controlled HIV doesn’t affect heart metabolism, function01-25-2012

Treatment of symptomless acid reflux does not improve asthma in children01-24-2012

Siteman Cancer Center breaks ground in South County; directors announced01-23-2012

Immune system memory cells have trick for self preservation01-18-2012

Ferkol named Hartmann Professor of Pediatrics01-17-2012

MD-PhD student starts nanotechnology company01-13-2012

Receptor for tasting fat identified in humans01-12-2012

Chemotherapy may influence leukemia relapse01-11-2012

Late-stage sepsis suppresses immune system01-10-2012

Multiple sclerosis research links brain activity to cognitive decline 01-09-2012

Mass prostate cancer screenings don’t reduce death 01-06-2012

New clues to human deafness found in mice01-04-2012

Washington People: James W. Fleshman Jr.12-21-2011

Monsanto funds fellowships for graduate students12-19-2011

Anesthesiology journal devotes December issue to University12-14-2011

Key genetic error found in family of blood cancers12-13-2011

High levels of tau protein linked to poor recovery after brain injury12-13-2011

Washington People: Matthew J. Ellis12-08-2011

Genome Institute receives $114 million grant12-06-2011

Colditz receives cancer society’s top honor 12-05-2011

$8 million grant funds asthma, allergy studies12-01-2011

Legal drinking age linked to women’s suicide, homicide risk 11-29-2011

Drug may slow spread of deadly eye cancer11-28-2011

Researchers identify gene that causes rare dementing illness11-23-2011

Daily wheezing treatment no different from intermittent in toddlers11-23-2011

Surprising pathway implicated in stuttering11-22-2011

New service brings power of genomics to patient care11-21-2011

Drug clears chronic urinary infections in mice11-16-2011

Probiotic protects intestine from radiation injury11-16-2011

Cooper named interim head of biochemistry and molecular biophysics11-15-2011

Surgery to prevent stroke causes too many complications11-15-2011

Girls with family history of breast disease should avoid alcohol11-14-2011

Pig to primate transplants show promise for diabetes11-09-2011

Scientists identify proteins that direct bone demolition11-08-2011

WUSTL licenses gene linked to cancer spread11-07-2011

Scientists prevent cerebral palsy-like brain damage in mice11-03-2011

Low vitamin D common in spine surgery patients11-03-2011

Hruska named president of bone and mineral research society11-01-2011

Chest X-rays don’t reduce lung cancer deaths 10-27-2011

Beware of Halloween contact lenses10-26-2011

Study shows way to test health claims of probiotics10-26-2011

Washington People: Andrey Shaw10-24-2011

Preterm infants exposed to hospital stress have smaller brains10-21-2011

Apply now for Bear Cub grants 10-19-2011

Brain scans reveal drugs’ effects on attention10-14-2011

Researchers block morphine’s itchy side effect10-13-2011

$3 million grant for new diabetes research center10-12-2011

High-dose vitamin E increases prostate cancer risk10-11-2011

Recommendation against PSA test goes too far10-11-2011

Studies examine diet’s role in prostate cancer10-05-2011

Natural compound helps reverse diabetes in mice10-04-2011

Wright named Jones Professor in Orthopaedic Surgery09-30-2011

Genetic variant linked to blocked heart arteries in patients with diabetes09-28-2011

Saw palmetto no benefit as prostate remedy09-27-2011

Marker for Alzheimer’s disease rises during day, falls with sleep09-26-2011

Age, race, debt linked to docs’ board certification09-21-2011

Alzheimer’s protein detected in brain fluid of healthy mice09-19-2011

Gordon receives international nutrition award09-16-2011

Washington People: Julie Margenthaler 09-14-2011

Study looks at why second ACL surgeries often fail09-13-2011

Sanchez named Sicard professor of vascular surgery09-09-2011

Volunteers needed for study of vitamin D's role in asthma09-08-2011

Brain stents linked to higher risk of stroke, death09-07-2011

Moscoso named associate dean for student affairs09-06-2011

Kopan and Sibley named to Wolff professorships09-01-2011

‘Pink ribbon dollars’ help fill financial gaps for breast cancer programs08-31-2011

Students learn about health care in summer stint08-30-2011

Siteman Cancer Research Fund names first two awardees08-26-2011

Multi-center partnership aims to better diagnose, treat cancer08-22-2011

New center fosters bench-to-bedside medicine08-18-2011

Device no better than cheaper alternatives for preventing intraoperative awareness08-17-2011

Risk of autism in siblings nearly double prior estimates08-15-2011

Parkinson’s patients who see a neurologist may live longer 08-11-2011

Infections after surgery rare at St. Louis Children’s Hospital, study shows08-11-2011

Researchers identify possible therapeutic target for depression and addiction08-11-2011

Scientists have new help finding brain’s nooks and crannies08-10-2011

WU scientists play role in Crohn’s, colitis initiative 08-09-2011

Hundreds of Washington University physicians named to ‘Best Doctors’ list 08-04-2011

Exhibit highlights biomedical travesties of the Holocaust08-03-2011

Obesity, cancer link studied with $9.2 million grant07-28-2011

Vitamin D relieves joint, muscle pain for breast cancer patients07-26-2011

IV fluids help reduce kidney failure in kids with E. coli infection07-22-2011

Evolution provides clue to blood clotting 07-21-2011

Inherited Alzheimer’s detectable 20 years before dementia07-20-2011

Falls may be early sign of Alzheimer’s07-18-2011

Weight-loss surgery cost-effective for all obese07-13-2011

More oxygen in eyes of African-Americans may help explain glaucoma risk07-11-2011

Sophisticated DNA technology now accessible to area scientists07-08-2011

Project aims to reduce breast cancer deaths in North St. Louis07-07-2011

The biology behind alcohol-induced blackouts07-06-2011

Surprising culprits behind cell death from fat and sugar overload07-05-2011

Malfunctioning protein contributes to Alzheimer’s plaques06-30-2011

Detailed picture of ovarian cancer emerges06-29-2011

New procedure treats atrial fibrillation06-28-2011

Online archive to link tumor scans, genetic data06-27-2011

Free HIV, syphilis testing available06-24-2011

Sleep switch found in fruit flies06-23-2011

Children with wheezing illnesses sought for study06-21-2011

Artificial lung successfully used in toddler06-16-2011

Finding joy in teaching, research and patient care06-15-2011

Getting control of the control group06-09-2011

Scientists find gene vital to nerve cell development06-08-2011

Blast-related injuries detected in the brains of U.S. military personnel06-01-2011

World’s most modern zebrafish facility opens05-24-2011

Schonfeld, lipid research pioneer, dies at 7705-23-2011

Direct link found between diet ingredients and gut microbes05-19-2011

Researchers identify DNA region linked to depression05-17-2011

What does it take to regenerate a limb? 05-16-2011

Disruption of nerve cell supply chain may contribute to Parkinson’s05-12-2011

Heuser, Hultgren elected to National Academy of Sciences 05-11-2011

Restricting calories lowers body temperature, may predict longer lifespan 05-10-2011

Estrogen-lowering drugs reduce mastectomy rates for breast cancer patients05-09-2011

Protein keeps sleep-deprived flies ready to learn05-05-2011

Cells talk more in areas Alzheimer's hits first, boosting plaque component05-02-2011

Cholesterol drugs may improve blood flow after stroke04-25-2011

Study evaluates gut bacteria of premature babies04-21-2011

Cancer genomics a top 10 in Technology Review04-20-2011

Decoding cancer patients’ genomes is powerful diagnostic tool04-19-2011

Ginseng doesn't help patients with early diabetes04-18-2011

Rescue docs provide on-scene care04-15-2011

Routine PSA testing for seniors?04-12-2011

Technique for letting brain talk to computers now tunes in speech04-07-2011

Welders may be at increased risk for brain damage04-06-2011

Caution for estrogen therapy after hysterectomy04-05-2011

Meet the man behind the new buildings on campus04-05-2011

DNA of 50 breast cancer patients decoded04-02-2011

Diet-exercise combo best for obese seniors03-30-2011

Soldiers screened for potential vulnerability to tinnitus03-28-2011

Sports enthusiast helps cerebral palsy patients improve mobility with video games03-25-2011

Repeated stress produces long-lasting resistance to stroke damage in the brain03-24-2011

Mouse cancer genome unveils genetic errors in human cancers03-23-2011

Genetic errors linked to life-threatening pregnancy disorder03-22-2011

Scientists grow personalized collections of intestinal microbes03-21-2011

Center for the Study of Itch opens03-17-2011

Novel strategies target health-care-associated infections 03-14-2011

New Master of Science in Biostatistics accepting applications03-09-2011

Helen Piwnica-Worms named head of cell biology and physiology03-09-2011

Improving children's lives: Intellectual and developmental disabilities research03-07-2011

Two drugs protect hearing better than one03-07-2011

Raichle receives MetLife Award for Alzheimer's research03-07-2011

Weight-loss surgery safe for less obese patients03-07-2011

Multiple sclerosis blocked in mouse model03-07-2011